Web Application Development Consulting

Grand Logic is committed to helping companies that are building the next evolution of business applications. Fat clients are a thing of the past. Modern business applications need to take full advantage of the Internet, and that means being Internet enabled from the ground up.

We specialize in building internet enabled business applications for both Intranet and Internet environments. This includes developing complex ERP applications and other funciontally rich database driven business applications. Our staff has in-depth expertise in building large scale and cost effective web hosted systems. We know how to balance open source technology with commercial software to keep costs down and use best-of-breed solutions that don't compromise on performance or reliability. Don't get caught spending tens or hunderds of thousands on expensive and complex commercial application server software when you can build just as good a solution at a fraction of the price. We can help you do this.

Today there are many ways to build Internet applications from spending big money on commercial application servers to sinking money into consultants without any return. Our approach to building Internet applications is based on a principle that can be summed up with Occam's Razor (law of parsimony). Occam's Razor states that the simplest theory that fits the facts of a problem is the one that should be selected. We apply this principle at many levels to build a solution that is elegantly simple yet scalable, manageable, and cost effective. Projects fail or go over budget for many reason, but often times it is due to unnecessary complexity or investing too much into a complex technology and then getting locked in.

Grand Logic has extensive expertise in building large scale Internet native business applications. We know what it takes to build Internet applications that leverage the most appropriate technology while offering a cost effective and highly scalable solution. It takes much more than buying an expensive J2EE application server to produce a successful Internet application, especially if you expect it meet the business demands from a cost effectiveness, scalability, and maintenance perspective.

Are you looking to build a business critical or large scale Internet based business application? Are you redesigning a legacy client/server application for the Internet or for an internal Intranet? Here are some critical points to consider:

  • Economies of scale are completely different when it comes to Internet native business applications. Your product needs to be designed from the ground with the Internet in mind.
  • Apply open source technology where possible. This has huge cost advantages but often times open source by itself will not meet all your needs. There is a effective balance of commercial and open source technology that can be applied. And these days the line between commercial and open source software is blurring.
  • Partner integration and connectivity is very important. Internet applications by there nature need to be designed with third party connectivity in mind. They are not isolated islands and need to offer rapid connectivity and integration with partners where necessary. This includes B2B and data warehousing considerations.
  • Don't try to re-factor a client/server product for the Internet. Internet applications must be designed from the ground up for the Internet.
  • Hardware infrastructure needs to be highly modular to allow for cost effective incremental growth and expansion. Pay special attention to hardware costs and software licensing costs. Choose a solution that will allow you go grow the hardware infrastructure incrementally and without incurring undo software licensing.
  • Your database schema design needs to also allow for incremental growth from both a hardware topology and data volume perspective.
  • Batch processing operations must be isolated from short burst transactional operations. With a large multi-user hosted environment, a small number of users can quickly bring the system, that is designed to meet the needs of thousands, to its knees. There needs to be a variety of controls and throttles in the system to manage resource utilization and prevent a few users from negatively impacting the whole system.
  • In many cases you can use an open source database solution for the persistence tier, however, this is the one area where open source is still lagging significantly behind commercial solutions. High-end solutions will typically require a commercial database product.
  • Make sure to provide a clean separation between client GUI and server-side business logic. Grand Logic accomplishes this by offering solutions based on JJAX (built on Google's GWT framework) and jThinRich . Both solutions are Java component based and highly modular.

At Grand Logic we understand the available solutions and technologies. We offer solutions based on modern J2EE server technology but without the big price tag. We can develop both classical thin client browser based solutions and rich internet application solutions as requirements dictate. In all cases our application and system design is component based and modular.

Grand Logic offers consulting services that can help your product use the Internet to the best of its potential. Contact us for more information to see how we might serve your needs.

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