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Grand Logic delivers software solutions that automate business processes and tame your Big Data operations and data warehousing. Grand Logic delivers automation software and Hadoop consulting services that maximize your Big Data investment. Please contact us if you have any questions and would like to learn more about our products.

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Job Scheduling and Automation
Once you use JobServer you will wonder how you lived without it. No more cron or other desperate tools for scheduling, tracking, and running jobs in your environment. Centralize your job processing and manage it from one place. Control when jobs are run, how often, and track them through their entire execution life cycle. No other job scheduler can match JobServer's raw performance, precision, scalability, and ease of use. Whether you are managing a single node or a large cluster of nodes, JobServer allows you to manage and automate your job processing. Go here for a quick peek of JobServer's many features.

Mesos Cluster Management
JobServer allows you to manage a cluster of distributed computer resources for scheduling, automating and processing your batch jobs. You can configure your remote nodes statically using JobServer's distributed Agent management and/or use the powerful Mesos cluster management framework. JobServer provides tight integration with Mesos to allow you to run your jobs across a Mesos cluster of any size. Weather you are using Mesos to manage 4 nodes or 400 nodes, Mesos and JobServer together make for a powerful combination of job automation and highly efficient cluster management. Let JobServer automate your batch jobs and let Mesos efficiently utilize your compute infrastructure.

Hadoop Made Easy
JobServer comes with integrated support for Hadoop out of the box. You can use JobServer as your central platform for building, launching and monitoring your Hadoop job processing activity. JobServer's Java developer API makes building custom extensions to Hadoop easy. Use JobServer to build, schedule and track a single Hadoop task or to compose multiple Hadoop tasks into more complex jobs and workflows. For example, a job can be composed of multiple Hadoop tasks where one task directs its output to the input of other Hadoop tasks in the job chain. JobServer makes it easy to centrally schedule, track and monitor all your Hadoop tasks and jobs from one place for real-time monitoring as well as for historical reporting and auditing. JobServer's workflow orchestration allows users to manage and manipulate files and content between your local storage system and your Hadoop HDFS. You can also build custom web GUIs (using GWT) for your Hadoop tasks to visualize all input and output content and show real-time status as the tasks are running or to report on final status and results after a Hadoop task has finished processing.

Mule Made Easy
JobServer comes with integrated support for Mule out of the box. You can use JobServer as your platform for building, deploying, and accessing Mule services all across your enterprise and the internet. JobServer makes using Mule easy and convenient. Whether you are sending an email alert, uploading a file via FTP, using SOA web services, or performing B2B transactions, JobServer gives you the control and peace of mind that you need for deploying jobs and services.

RIA Applications
JobServer is also your one stop shop for building AJAX Applications. Access to SOA and Mule services are available right from your AJAX GUI API. JobServer supports both GWT and Mule to allow you to build truly scalable and decoupled applications using some of the most powerful AJAX technologies around. Build your AJAX applications and deploy them in a snap. AJAX and SOA technology have just been made simple with JobServer using the powerful SOAFaces open source API.

BigQuery ETL Engine    

Data warehousing is evolving as fast as the volumes of data are growing these days. Enterprises of all sizes must look to the cloud for powering their future analytical reporting and to help them manage their large volumes of data. Grand Logic, offers a powerful solution that makes it possible for organization to move part or all of their data warehousing and analtyical reporting into the Google cloud. This is possible by leveraging Google BigQuery along with Grand Logic's powerful ETL and data movement engine. Our patent pending ETL engine makes it possible to move your data efficiently into the Google cloud in order and build on the Google BigQuery processing engine.

Read more about our BigQuery ETL Engine (BEE) and how it can help you build your next generation Big Data Warehouse in the Google cloud. Whether you are a start-up that is already hosting everything in clouds or an established IT organization with a large investment in our on-premises operations, BEE might be what you need to power your data warehouse in the cloud. Please contact us to learn more.


JJAX builds on Google's GWT by providing a framework for building secure database driven applications using the full power of AJAX and Java OO programming. JJAX provides basic features that allow programmers to be more productive while enabling the construction of enterprise scale web applications.

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jThinRich is a next generation framework for building hosted internet applications. It is especially suited for corporate intranet web applications that need desktop power while needing all the benefits of thin client technology. jThinRich leverages technologies such as Java Web Start, web services, and Swing to provide desktop power and cross platform support from within a centrally hosted and managed web server. If you need to build a functionally rich intranet desktop application, using thin client technology, jThinRich can deliver a solution that will go beyond the limitations of current web application frameworks. Developers will find JThinRich to be intuitive and easy to develop in, while administrators will find it easy deploy and manage. Read more.

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