JobServer Features:
  • Complex scheduling
  • Detailed tracking & monitoring
  • Highly scalable
  • Complex scheduling rules
  • Event driven
  • Hadoop ready
  • SOA enabled
  • Transaction level reliability
  • Powerful developer API
  • Create job workflows
  • Scalable to thousands of jobs
  • Web based admin tools
  • Web UI screenshots
  • JobServer Feature Summary
  • Create & schedule workflows
  • Execute & monitor Hadoop jobs
  • Detect events & trigger jobs
  • Automate FTP/SFTP file transfer
  • Execute Unix/MSDOS scripts
  • Automate ETL & ERP processes
  • Develop custom Java Tasklets
  • SOA integration
Automate & Schedule Your Business Processes
With our flagship product, JobServer, developers/analysts/administrators can develop, manage and deploy jobs to automate and schedule business processes and perform complex operations across the enterprise. JobServer's real-time and event-driven scheduling engine guarantees that your IT processes are executed on time in a reliable, repeatable, reportable, and measurable fashion. Integration with Hadoop and SOA are available out of the box making JobServer ideal for centrally orchestrating all your job processing needs. So whether you have a traditional IT operation or are deploying a Big Data Hadoop solution, our automation products and services will tame your environment. Read more about JobServer's many features. Say goodbye to cron and download for free and get started today. BTW, did we mention JobServer is FREE including all bells and whistles!

Job Scheduling & Batch Processing
JobServer's scheduling engine leaves no scheduling rule out of your reach and has unmatched performance, response time, and scalability. For example, you can use JobServer to easily configure and schedule hundreds of critical batch Unix/MSDOS scripts all the way to automating complex ETL processing and SOA messaging tasks across your enterprise. JobServer also offers powerful management and tracking applications for both end users and administrators. Users have great flexibility in how they customize, schedule, and execute a job. Know when a job fails and track its status as it runs. No more guess work or scanning through logs. Whether you are managing ten jobs or ten thousand jobs, JobServer is the ultimate in control, accountability, and scalability.

With JobServer's powerful scheduling features, virtually, any repeating or one-off scheduling pattern that you can imagine can be represented using the JobServer Scheduling Engine. Enter your scheduling rules and let JobServer do the rest. Read more about JobServer.

Tableau for Agile Oracle Essbase Financial Reporting
At Grand Logic, we have developed an elegant and straight forward approach to extracting data from Oracle Essbase for agile and efficient consumption by Tableau. This in turn can be used to build advanced financial reports and dashboards without a huge investment in data warehousing and ETL processing. Our approach to integrating Tableau with Oracle Essbase leads to a powerful solution that will leave your executives wanting more and frees your accountants and financial analysts from building cumbersome to maintain Excel reports. Get your financial reporting and dashboarding in Tableau today for centralized access and one governed version of the truth and put actionable and insightful data in the hands of your executives. Contact us today to see how we can help you build your next Tableau based financial BI solution. See more details about our Tableau and related Tableau consulting services.

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