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jThinRich Online Demo: Login
    Client requirements for demo:
  • Java 5 on Dekstop
  • IE or Firefox

Username:   admin
Password:   foofoo

What does the demo do?

Hello World Example:
The demo shows a Hello World example of a jThinRich web application. The application is downloaded and installed via Java Web Start and all server side processing is done over HTTP/HTTPS using light weight web services API. The Hello World example executes a simple server side call to show how server side processing is handled by the client application. Note how all client side processing is disabled (an optional feature) while the HTTP server-side calls are processing. You can create new top level windows just like you can with stateless web browser windows for example. The example also shows how single-sign-on works between Web Start and the web browser. When you log into your web application the session is automatically passed to Web Start, thus only requiring you to log in once.

Administration Tool:
jThinRich comes with basic server-side tools to manage the deployment, upgrading, and versioning of the Java Web Start applications (called "Products"). Multiple "Products" can be hosted out of one web server environment, and each can be managed separately. Individual Java Web Start products can be forced to upgrade to a newer version of the client, for example, all at the control of the administrator. You will notice under the "Products" tab that there are two products showen in the this environment: "demo" and "admin". This tab allows you to control the upgrading, availablity, and deployment of these applications.

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