Getting Started with the soafaces SDK

Soafaces are very powerful and flexible way to build modular components called Bundles. A Bundle (soafaces Bundle) is a simple JAR file that contains the classes and resources needed to execute your soafaces Application or Task/Job. Bundles are very powerful and flexible software components. You can develop a Bundle to serve as an Application that will implement a web GUI type application or as a Tasklet that will be part of a server-side job process. In both cases the steps for developing, packaging, and deploying types of components (aka Bundles) are very similar.

Let's walk through the process of creating a very simple Bundle components. We will show you how to create the two kinds of Bundles:

  1. Server-side Tasklet oriented Bundle (used to build batch jobs and workflows)
  2. Application oriented Bundle (used to build web services powered GUI applications)

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