Queue Management

Using this tool, you can view and delete the jobs that are currently waiting in their respective Queue. A job that is scheduled to run, but still sitting in queue, due to the Partition being fully maxed out, will get placed in the Queue until the Partition's processor is ready to run it.

Use this tool to view all jobs that are in a Partition's Queue (or for all Partitions). You have the option of deleting jobs from the Queue. If you do this, the job will be deleted from the Queue and never run.

Delete Job(s)

A user can select the job they want deleted from the Queue. One or more jobs can be selected.

Delete All Jobs

A user can delete all the job shown in the list by using this button. If you are viewing all Partitions then all jobs will be deleted in all Queues. If only one particular Partition's Queue is being viewed, then clicking this button only deletes the jobs from that particular Partition's Queue.

Changing Queue Priority

Each job that is waiting in the Queue for its Partition to consume it for processing is assigned a priority. The priority value can range from 1 to 20. For example, a job in the Queue with a priority of 1 will run before a job with a priority of 2 even if it entered the Queue after a job with a priority of 2. So, jobs in the Queue are prioritized first based on their priority value and then based on the time when they entered the Queue.

A user can change the priority of a job in the Queue. When a job is assigned to a new priority, it is placed at the end of the list within the new priority. To do this, select the job in the Queue that you want to edit, and then set the priority value and click the "Apply" button.

Changing Queue Order

When there are multiple jobs in the Queue with the same priority, a user can change their order, within the same priority. You can either move a job to the top of the order with the priority or to the bottom of the order. To do this, simply select the job you wish to move, and click the corresponding button.