Summary of Executed Tasklets

By clicking on a specific job RunID from the Job Tracker interface, you can drill down and see the detailed logging for a particular job run. This interface shows each Tasklet that has run for the given job. Some jobs can have multiple Tasklets associated with them. For each Tasklet, you can see when it started processing and when (and if) it has completed processing. Here is the information that can be seen:

Note that any field that ends with a ".." at then end will have a tooltip associated with it that provides additional information. If you hover the mouse over the label you will see the tooltip.

If the job was run on a Mesos cluster and run with the Mesos Command Executor, then this UI will show the script that was run on the Mesos slave. Mesos Command Executor jobs, do not support the Tasklet API and only run a single command script on a Mesos slave node. In such a case, this UI will show the script that ran or is still running on the slave node.