JobServer Workbench

All JobServer applications can be accessed from the Workbench. All the applications, the user has rights to, will be visible from the Workbench. To terminate your session from the Workbench, click on the "Logoff" button. This will exit you out from all applications. You will need to sign back in to access the Workbench again. Note, if your login session is inactive for a given length of time, your session may also be terminated due to inactivity. If this happens, you will be required to sign back in.

Each Workbench application will be placed into its own window when started. You can always return to the Workbench by clicking on the JobServer icon in the top left hand corner of each application header bar. Each application has an exit button that will close all the windows for that given application.

Some JobServer applications use popup windows. If you have popup blocking enabled in your browser, you will need to disable it so that JobServer applications can function properly.