Advanced Scheduling Options

Daily, Weekly and Monthly types can have their schedules augmented by including one-off dates and excluding particular date ranges. Including dates allows for the adding of an arbitrary number of additional one-off dates to the schedule.

For example if you have a Job that runs every day, but you don't want it to run on company holidays, then simply enter the company holidays into the exclude date range and you get the desired behavior.

Interval type Jobs can have their schedule rules augmented in four ways:

These are powerful rules that can include and exclude additional dates and times in the scheduling cycle of a Job.

Include Dates

An arbitrary number of schedule days can be added to the schedule.

Exclude Date Range

An arbitrary number of date ranges can be set that will be excluded from the schedule. The date range allows for adding an arbitrary number of date ranges that the Job will not run in. For the date ranges, the start date is inclusive and the end date is exclusive. Excluded date ranges take precedence over any included dates.

Reoccur Times

Daily, Weekly and Monthly schedules will repeat on their defined pattern and reoccur/repeat at the same time as defined by "Start Time". The "Start Time" is effectively the reoccur time the job will run. So the pattern will repeat at the same time of day for the days on which the job runs. However, if you want to run the Daily, Weekly and Monthly jobs multiple times a day (and differntly for different days of the week), you can do this by entering the times into the "Reoccur Times" list. This allows you to run the job multiple times per day, based on its defined pattern. You can also customize the "Reoccur Times" based on the days of the week. So, for example, you can have a Daily job run everyday, and customize it so it runs at 10am and 11am on Monday-Friday and only run at 5pm on the weekends.