Import Job

The Import tools allows for importing of jobs (jobx files) from your computer to your JobServer environment. You can select a jobx file from your local computer to upload. The jobx file will get imported and added to your environment as new job with a new and unique job id. During the import, if the JobGroup and Partition associated with the job are not found, the job will be associated with the default system JobGroup and Partition. Dependency Rules, associated with the newly import job and not found in the new JobServer environment, will be ignored.

Job Run Status

When importing jobs, you can choose to override the default job scheduling status during the import process. This allows you to import jobs and change the scheduling run status to be one of either active, paused, or stopped. You may also just leave the job in its default status.

Choose File

Choose the jobx file from your local computer to import into your JobServer environment.