Installation Settings

JobServer Instance Name

You can give your JobServer environment a name. You can, for example, use this name to distinguish between multiple JobServer environments you may have running in our network. This name will be shown on the top panel of all major JobServer GUIs. Note, if you are using a demo, trial, or development/QA license, a corresponding prefix will be shown next to the name reflecting the license type along with the name.

You can view the name that is currently set for your environment and you may also edit the name by setting it in the field and clicking the "Update" button. The name is limited to 32 characters. You may also leave the field blank if you do not want to give your environment a name.

Installation Properties

Each JobServer installation has a unique ID that associates an installation with a unique database that is associated with that installations. The first field shows the date the product was first installed and the second field shows the unique ID associated with the JobServer environment you are using.

If the unique ID was changed by an adminstrator (rare situation) an additional date field will be shown showing when the installation ID was last updated. Note that this unique ID is for internal use only, but can be used to detect any misconfigurations of the software installation resources and the database.

Installation Patch History

This section shows the initial JobServer product version that was used to install this environment with and any follow on patch releases that may have been applied to this installation to upgrade to newer versions.