Edit Application Attributes

The Application Builder's Edit App Attributes interface, allows the user to edit basic Application attributes. By default, when an Application is created, it is placed into the first available Group. The user has the option of changing the Group that the Application is in. A user will only be able to put the Application into Groups that the user themself has rights to.

To define the implementation of an Application, you will need to assign it a Bundle that has a Weblet implementation. This Weblet serves as the implementation of the Application. Click on the "Configure Application" button to continue to the screen that will allow you to add the particular Weblet implementation. The Weblet implementation comes from a Bundle.

Weblet User Access Permissions

A Weblet has the ability to be accessed and viewed outside the JobServer environment. That means it can be accessed with an external URL. That external URL is http://<hostname>:<port>/jobserver/app?id=3 which in this case would allow access to the application that is identified with an id of 3.

You can choose if the Application can be accessed externally or not. You have three options. The default is to only allow the Application to be viewed by authenticated JobServer users via the JobServer applications directly. That means you can't use the external URL to access the Application. The other option is allow authenticated JobServer users to access the application using the external URL, but they must be authenticated JobServer users and if they are not logged in they will be redirected to a login page before they can access the Application. The third option is to allow non authenticated users to view the Application/Weblet using the external URL. This exposes the Application to users outside the realm of the JobServer environment. This third option does not enforce any security controls and it is up to the Application/Weblet to control user access and manage security.