Add Agent

An Agent is a machine/server where you have the JobServer installed where you want to run jobs. This can be any machine with the JobServer environment installed.


Specify the name (ip or hostname) of the machine that will be running the Agent. You can not change the name once it is created. You can delete the Agent and create another Agent if you must change the name.

Agent shares host with web server GUI

This flag is used to optimize the remote Agent configuration. If the remote machine that the Agent is running on is only used to run remote jobs and is not used to run a web server, for hosting JobServer GUI applications, then you should leave this box unchecked. This will optimize the remote Agent environment to only support remote jobs and not to be used to server as up JobServer web applications.

Max JVM Memory

Maximum JVM memory (in mega bytes) to configure the Agent server/JVM to use.

Other JVM Options

Pass other JVM options to the Agent server.